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Hartell Gallery
2000. Renovation of the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning main exhibition gallery.

The renovation of the Hartell Gallery, the central exhibition space of the college of Architecture, Art and Planning on the Cornell campus, consolidates six former 4 foot pivoting peripheral walls into a single central 24-foot long wall. The wall rotates off a structural column asymmetrically 90 degrees to reestablish the symmetry of the room, and generate multiple spatial possibilities for the gallery with its in-between positions. While in some positions the wall is neutral and unobtrusive, it also acts as the site, subject and focus of many exhibitions in the gallery. The 45 frame flip-book was presented as a souvenir to early exhibitors.

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Wall Trace



The on-site project makes concrete a dimension of the Hartell Gallery wall’s operation that is otherwise invisible to visitors. The installation traces inch by inch the 90 degree arc paths of the two supporting wheels of the wall, linked by the two different radii to the connection of the wall to the column. The cumulative mapping, inch by inch, of the successive radial lines connecting the pivot point to the wheels, each moving at its own distinct speed as the wall rotates 90 degrees from its two extreme positions, masks out with 1” wide painter’s tape (blue indicates the four weeks until the adhesive can be easily removed) two previously invisible quarter-circle blue fields.

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